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Security Officer Training

Security Officer Training

Training programs for security guards should be constantly updated to reflect societal changes and still provide you with adequate protection. As with law enforcement, security guards must walk a fine line that separates your protection and human rights. We live in a litigious society and the slightest error in judgment or procedure could result in asset loss or client and security company liability. Profiling, illegal search-and-seizure and stricter interpretations of civil rights issues are a few of the newest additions to the gauntlet of legal concerns that private security companies must address with their training programs.

Blackstone is committed to providing professional training programs that keep our security guards current on Arizona’s legal, social and cultural issues that many companies based outside the state take for granted. Our security guards recognize that it is critical to execute their responsibilities in a professional manner with confidence and pride. Thorough training will mitigate the occurrences of everything from petty theft to terrorist activities.

With this in mind, Blackstone’s training curriculum revolves around these training objectives:

  • On-site responsibilities to include building client relationships, public relations, respect and knowledge of the chain of command;
  • Proper knowledge of on-site emergency procedures;
  • Proper acknowledgement of on-site authorities such as security directors and property managers;
  • Proper response to crisis situations or events;
  • Recognize supervisory authority;
  • Minimum of eight (8) hours of on-site training and eight (8) hours of classroom training. Blackstone Security provides and pays for classes that include seminars, lectures and videos for each security guard during the training process.

Training Curriculum

  • Introduction & Corporate Overview
  • Nature and Role of Private Security
  • Your Role as a Security Officer
  • Access Control
  • Theft Protection
  • Traffic Control
  • First Care Response
  • Fire Prevention
  • First Fire Response
  • Report Writing & Note Taking
  • Public & Employee Relations
  • Professional Patrol
  • Golf Cart Etiquette & Maintenance
  • Bombs and Threats
  • Law and Legal
  • Constitutional Limitations, Search & Seizure
  • The Arrest
  • Crime Scene Protection
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Training and Certification provided by the American Red Cross

For more information or to sign up for a Security Guard Class please contact:

Ken Vandiver
Corporate Training Coordinator
7227 N. 16th Street, Suite 107
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Office: 602.265.6160
Cell: 602.743.9329

Cost for New and/or Renew Unarmed Security Guard Card Classes:

AZ DPS approved 8 hour Unarmed Security Guard Card Course:

  • $72.00 (money order made out to Arizona Department Public Service)
  • Passport Picture and Fingerprints supplied at no additional cost

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