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Blackstone Security Services is proud to offer a wide variety of security services tailored to satisfy specific client needs. Our comprehensive security services enable companies to dramatically improve security while reducing the costly headcounts and corporate risks involved in the operation of in-house security departments. We continue to review and upgrade our service offerings to keep pace with how national developments affect the needs of local companies. While our security personnel do not carry firearms, they are equipped with the latest technology to satisfy your needs.

Our guards log more than 15,000 hours a week serving a diverse customer base representing homebuilders, commercial construction sites, office buildings, light industrial businesses, government facilities, highway construction projects, schools, resorts, retail facilities, gated communities, healthcare facilities, automobile dealerships, shopping malls, warehouses, financial institutions, transportation, parking facilities and other commercial endeavors.

We feature digital cellular phones, motorized transportation, cameras, night vision goggles, body wands and magtrometers. As an added benefit, our security personnel fill out daily activity reports to memorialize daily operations for client records. Incident reports also are provided to clients to record out-of-the-ordinary occurrences.

Loss prevention

The primary function of security is the deterrence of crime. Our security personnel receive extensive training in the subtleties of inconspicuous monitoring of customer traffic. These special service security personnel have years of experience in asset protection, and can effect corrective action according to your policy and without disruption. Our plainclothes security personnel have proven their effectiveness in controlling in-store thefts and white-collar crime. While we do not cater to events that serve alcoholic beverages, we do provide screenings for persons entering and exiting properties, such as retail facilities, manufacturing plants and other commercial properties. This includes personal body-wanding and magtrometer screenings to detect metal objects and other contraband.

Surveillance services

We have the capabilities to provide the technology to monitor your property and achieve asset protection. Our management team stays abreast of technological advancements in the security industry for inclusion in our training program. We make a thorough analysis of your property to make sure we recommend only those technologies that are necessary to do the job. We then provide the personnel to operate the equipment in accordance with the directives of your property manager or security director.

Systems consulting

We provide consulting services on all aspects of your security operations and make recommendations that protect assets and are within your budget. We systematically analyze the property’s interior and exterior exposures and carefully note the vulnerabilities of your high security areas. We inform you of your needs concerning security cameras, alarms and guards, and then provide a comprehensive plan of action. We also troubleshoot existing security systems to determine where problems exist and how they can be resolved to prohibit unauthorized breaches.

Private Detectives

You may have specific issues that require specialized services to determine responsibility for on-site incidences. We perform insurance investigations, internal investigations, employee theft, shoplifting, drug use and an array of other investigative capabilities to secure your property.

Information Desk Services

We realize that some of your needs involve courtesy and convenience more than security. These jobs usually involve staffing a front desk and providing information services to patrons. While your employees may be able to provide information and directions to customers, they do not have the training security personnel possess. Guards selected for these assignments have superior customer service skills and the training to take appropriate action should an unwanted situation arise that threatens to compromise the security of your property.

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