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Dan Swindall

Founder and CEO

Dan Swindall is the award-winning Founder and Chief Executive Officer of an award-winning company that recently began its third decade of providing quality security service to its clients. An Arizona native, Dan has more than three decades of security experience that began with an extended overseas tour as a security policeman in the U.S. Air Force.    

After his Honorable Discharge, Dan parlayed $500 and two employees into a multimillion-dollar, multi-state operation that has been recognized by local and national bodies for its ethics, entrepreneurship and job creation.    

Blackstone became the only private security company to win the Arizona Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Business Ethics in 2012. Since then, Dan represented the BBB as a featured speaker at a national Integrity Summit, a member on its ethics selection committee and as a panelist during the BBB Best Practices discussions. In 2014 Dan was named CEO of the Year by an executive-level magazine. Dan authored a monthly magazine column on corporate security and served an unprecedented three consecutive terms as the Chair of the Arizona Private Security Professionals’ Association (APSPA).    

Dan is also active in the Phoenix Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS), the International Association of Security, Investigators and Regulators (IASIR), the Alliance of State Private Security Associations (ASPSA) the Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas (ASSIST), the California Association of Licensed Security Agencies (CALSAGA) and the New Mexico Private Security Association (NMPSA).  

Jeanne Croft

Chief Operating Officer

Jeanne Croft’s colleagues at Blackstone Security Services, Inc. describe her as a Type A personality who is a problem-solver, conscientious, tenacious and very organized. For years, Jeanne has been the catalyst that keeps company representatives on task, on time and on the mark when it comes to fulfilling contract requirements in accordance with Blackstone’s quality standards.  

Personalities at Blackstone are as varied as our client base, and Jeanne has always managed to unite these personalities behind the singular purpose of customer satisfaction.  

Blackstone’s increase in business and client satisfaction is directly attributable to Jeanne’s work ethic and her attention to detail, first as the Vice President for Sales, then as Executive Vice President. As EVP, Jeanne’s ensured customer satisfaction by conducting periodic audits of all facilities regarding updates of post orders and quality assurance surveys. She also meticulously recorded all customer concerns and the resolution of those concerns.  

As COO, Jeanne continues building on her strength of customer satisfaction by working closely with the CEO to define Blackstone’s vision going forward, set policy and oversee the company’s overall performance.  

Jeanne’s success in building new business and retaining satisfied clients is the result of 20 years’ experience working in industries that needed on-site security services, arming the South Dakota native with inside knowledge concerning client security needs before contacting them. She brought with her an awareness of the security needs and issues of clients, such as commercial property management companies, when she joined Blackstone in 2004.  

Jeanne is a big reason why the secret to Blackstone’s success is in its people.  

Raul De Leon 

Vice President

Raul De Leon has served in just about every management capacity imaginable, including scheduling manager, operations manager, business development manager, client value manager and general manager.    

In his 25 years in the security industry, De Leon has managed personnel and programs; analyzed and evaluated client relations and overseen operations at multiple sites across state lines.    

Nearly all De Leon’s security experience has been in his native Texas in and around El Paso and San Antonio. De Leon’s skill set is tailor-made for the security industry. Add to that his familiarity with the El Paso market and De Leon is a near perfect fit for the task at hand.    

De Leon is also a U.S. Navy Veteran, serving four years as a radio operator. After his honorable discharge, De Leon served in the Civil Service in the Department of Defense where he worked as an Electronic Digital Computer Mechanic. That post carried with it a top-secret Crypto Security Clearance.    

De Leon said he was attracted to Blackstone initially because it is a family- oriented business and calls El Paso a gold mine waiting to be explored. He said El Paso is the logistics hub of West Texas.    

De Leon is a graduate of San Benito High School in San Benito, Texas. He is a member of ASIS and is licensed by the Texas Board of Private Investigators and Security Agencies.  

Ken Vandiver

Corporate Training Coordinator – Phoenix

Ken Vandiver’s 16 years of experience in the security industry is built upon a solid foundation of law enforcement that includes field experience, leadership, tactical training and administration. He has put in long hours in the classroom, on the street and on his post.  

As Director of Operations for Blackstone’s largest division in Phoenix, Ken oversaw approximately 300 security personnel and was responsible for scheduling, billing, settling client conflicts, dispatch and hiring among other duties.  

As Corporate Training Coordinator, Ken personally develops, updates and conducts the training curriculum for more than 300 employees and new hires in the Phoenix Division. He also actively consults and monitors the training of more than 500 employees in seven divisions in four states.  

A Texas native, Ken founded his own company and was an entrepreneur for 16 years prior to becoming a law enforcement officer in Missouri. During that time, he became well acquainted with the importance of solid training whether it involved loss prevention or customer service.  

During his years as a sheriff’s deputy, Ken received experience in a variety of areas, including Road Officer, a Field Training Officer, A SWAT team member, a Sniper, an Expert Witness during court appearances, and Report Writing.  

Ken’s discipline, dedication to duty and attention to detail make him the quintessential prototype for a security training coordinator and a role model for everyone he trains. His training and supervisory experience enable Ken to analyze employee performance and initiate corrective training measures in a timely and efficient manner.  

As the Corporate Training Coordinator, Ken Vandiver has the experience to equip all Blackstone personnel with the Blackstone Edge.  

Bobby Holley

Quality Assurance Manager  

Bobby Holley is a veritable encyclopedia when it comes to security. He has done it all, and he’s done it all over the world. Bobby recognizes a quality performance when he sees it and he knows how to elicit quality performances when needed. This is good for Blackstone and great for our clients.

His ability to navigate the complex provisions of state and federal laws qualify Bobby as the ideal candidate to spearhead Blackstone’s pursuit of government contracts at all levels. Known as “The Asset” among his peers, Bobby’s analytical skills and shrewd business approach has earned him a space as one of the all-time greats in Blackstone’s rise as a force to be reckoned with in the Southwestern and national security landscapes.    

Bobby is a former Assistant Director of Operations for Blackstone’s Phoenix Division and was the initial Project Manager when Blackstone opened its Dallas office. He eventually assumed the role of Manager of the North Texas Region.  

A veteran of the U.S. Army Military Police, Bobby has been a businessman, a Special Operations Consultant for the US military in Baghdad, a Security Director for several private companies, a Claims and Surveillance Senior Investigator, a Training Investigator, the Chief of Security at a U.S. Air Force auxiliary field in Arizona and a Youth Corrections Officer in the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.    

Bobby has effectively trained new security personnel in duties, applicable laws, regulations and procedures for more than 20 years. He is trained in Video Surveillance Techniques; Audio Recordings for Interviews; Hostage Negotiations; Crime Scene Processing and Computer Assisted Drafting for Crime Scene Re-creation Diagrams from Central Texas College and the U.S. Army. Bobby has authored and implemented policies and directives that have established and maintained an effective security force for various locations, threats and terrains.    

Bobby regularly travels to Blackstone’s divisions to assess their effectiveness and to consult on operational improvements.

Rhonda Gaudette


Rhonda Gaudette is no novice to the accounting industry. Rhonda has been managing accounts for multiple companies for over 25 years. She joined Blackstone in 2017 and has continued to succeed in her duties handling all finance responsibilities and making sure all accounts are managed in a timely manner.

A Phoenix native, Rhonda has extensive knowledge of the surrounding areas in the valley, helping seek out various companies that have a security need. During her career, she has not only handled the ins and outs of daily office duties and responsibilities but has also been involved in overseeing various office operations and even some marketing.

Rhonda’s previous work history has helped shape and prepare her for the giant role she plays in Blackstone Security.

Rhonda has always worked closely with her previous employers and does exactly this within Blackstone, making her a valuable and trustworthy asset to the Blackstone Team.

When Rhonda is not crunching numbers and making sure the staff gets paid, you can find her spending time with her fur babies.

Rhonda’s hobbies include arts and crafts, graphic design and cartooning. She has been creating her own cartoons since she was a child.

Anthony Taylor

Houston Division Manager  

Anthony Taylor’s stock has been rising at Blackstone since he was hired as a security guard in the summer of 2018. In fact, when he was hired, Taylor’s former boss called the owner of the company to say he had hired someone who would be a division manager someday.  

Taylor’s leadership skills soon became evident and he was promoted from security guard to Lead Field Supervisor to Assistant Operations Manager to his current position of Division Manager, as predicted.  

Taylor earned his spurs by excelling at every task assigned to him. He honed his customer service skills by successfully catering to the company’s most demanding clients in the division. Taylor’s supervisory prowess was made evident by his ability to effectively communicate with guards after being promoted to field supervisor.  

Taylor is a leader by example and has demonstrated an amazing willingness to take on difficult assignments for the sake of his team and make individual sacrifices for the good of the company.  

A 13-year veteran in security, Taylor spent the first seven years of his career at Texas Southern University in Houston, where he learned patience and how to interact with diverse populations.  

He is adept at providing support to guards standing post and motivating them to exceed client expectations. He instills confidence and peace of mind in all Blackstone clients who meet him. Taylor has shown repeatedly that he is an excellent primary point of contact for Blackstone.

Edith Fikes

Dallas Division Manager  

Edith Fikes avoids publicity, but her background and experience speak volumes about her accomplishments and capabilities.  

Fikes holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University at Huntsville, Texas. She earned a Master of Arts Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas, Arlington in 2009. In fact, Richard C. Hollinger, PhD, a retired professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology, Criminology & Law at the University of Florida, Gainesville, showcased Fikes’ master’s thesis “Employee Theft” in his nationally published 2012 article, “Research Findings from Employee Theft Articles.”  

The Lewisville, Texas resident served as corporate manager for loss prevention for Maidenform, Inc. in New Jersey, Michaels’ Stores in Irving, Texas and Staples in Dallas/Fort Worth before serving as a customer account manager for a large security company in the private sector.  

Her expertise includes, communications, customer service, conflict resolution, human resources, training and client retention. Edith’s track record represents a near perfect blend of academia, research, practical application of that research, experience and street smarts. Fikes enjoyed the transition to the security industry and she enjoys the opportunity to manage and assist officers in developing their careers.    

Scott Clark

Area Manager of Security Operations – Albuquerque/Gallup, NM  

Scott Clark came to Blackstone with many years of security experience as well as an extensive training background in correctional facilities in Arizona and New Mexico.    

Hired initially to manage the contract with the Navajo Housing Authority, encompassing the Western Region of New Mexico and Eastern Arizona, Scott’s responsibilities quickly increased to include the cities of Gallup, Farmington and much of the Albuquerque metropolitan area. He is a 15-year veteran of law enforcement operations and aviation security with service in the southeastern and southwestern United States. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he served as a security policeman.  

Scott was born in Gallup and graduated from Gallup High School.    

During his career, Scott has served as a supervisory transportation security officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration, and with FirstLine Transportation Security, where he supervised screening operations at Gallup Municipal Airport. He performed similar tasks in Albuquerque. He is also a former chief of security for an adult detention center in Florida.  

Scott’s local roots have worked well for Blackstone and the community. His knowledge of the diverse cultures in Gallup and the Native American Community have enabled Scott to forge a good working relationship with the community. Scott’s personal and professional relations span 20 plus years in New Mexico and form a solid foundation to explore additional opportunities to expand Blackstone Security’s reach in this town as well as the state.  

Scott and his wife, Lori, have three children.

Spring R. Cargill

Las Vegas Regional Manager  

Spring R. Cargill came to Blackstone with a background filled with years of security, dispatching and law enforcement experience. Being a member of a military and law enforcement family, she has always focused on public safety. Beginning at a young age, Spring felt the calling to help people who cannot defend themselves. Spring has five siblings, and she is one of the four siblings that became law enforcement officers. Spring lives and breathes safety and security, which makes her an incredible asset to the Blackstone Team.

With over 20 years experience in the Law Enforcement field, one of Spring’s favorite memories while policing was when she was given the opportunity to become a member of the Clinton Democratic Convention Security detail and meet John F. Kennedy Jr.

An active member and a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community, Spring is affiliated with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). She is also a member of the Women In International Security (WIIS) and the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV).

When Spring is not furthering her knowledge in the latest and best security practices to keep clients protected and the community safe, she can be found playing music as a DJ and releasing her creative energies through different mediums of art. An admirer of horses, she might even be found at the nearest equestrian facility. 

Matthew Clay

Las Vegas Division Manager  

Matthew Clay has spent most of his professional life in the security industry working in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area for companies that provided security services in the western and southwestern United States.

A veteran of nearly a decade in security, Clay has a familiarity with the security needs of Las Vegas that only a long-term resident with an intimate knowledge of such a demanding environment would have.

Clay’s well-rounded view of Las Vegas security is the result of his experience in operations and sales while working with several high-profile companies. His responsibilities included working as an armed security officer, an armed special response team supervisor, a director of account services, operations manager and corporate trainer and an armed patrol supervisor. While working as a director of account services, Clay supervised all aspects of services provided to accounts in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida as well as Las Vegas.

His administrative experience includes hiring, scheduling, reviewing and distributing reports, ensuring customer satisfaction, rule enforcement and overseeing employee performance. Clay is also indicative of Blackstone’s policy of hiring from within the communities it serves for the insight and continuity local residents provide.

Blackstone Security Services of Nevada, Inc. is happy to have Matthew Clay and is excited about the skills and competitiveness he brings to the company.

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