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Blackstone Security Services, Inc.


 AZ DPS Lic. 1002987

A Message from CEO Dan Swindall

     Welcome to Blackstone Security Services, Inc. You are visiting our Website because you are shopping for dependable security services or seeking employment with a reputable security guard company that provides a positive workplace. Either way, you have come to the right place.

     If you are seeking security services, you are part of a small but growing number of business owners, property managers and security directors with the awareness to realize that the time to repair the roof is before it starts raining. You are to be commended for demonstrating the foresight and responsibility that helped put you in the position you occupy today.

     As you are undoubtedly aware, security is unlike other services you will purchase. Many businesses underestimate security needs. When security works well, you cannot see the result, because nothing happens. The absence of adequate security is evidenced by what you can see - empty spaces where your inventory used to be or unfortunate occurrences that put employees and patrons at risk and increase your exposure to liability.

     Blackstone Security is founded on solid values and dedicates its resources to satisfying your security needs. We have put together an exceptional management team with years of experience in the security industry and also from a cross section of the industries that make up our diverse customer base. This way, we know from the start what your security needs will be and how we will address them. This is one of the keys to our ability to adapt to a variety of security venues.

     Another key is accessibility of the Blackstone Security management team.

     Blackstone Security offers the same services as our larger corporate counterparts without the exorbitant overhead costs, out-of-state fees or the unwieldy layers of bureaucracy. You can always reach someone capable of making a decision at Blackstone Security. This translates into prompt, efficient, professional security services at a cost that will not compromise your bottom line.

     High cost does not automatically translate into high quality. You must look past the veneer of slick advertising that characterized the security industry during the late 1990's when security companies began consolidating to survive. The Labor Research Association reported at the time that industry insiders, who believed that the resulting mega-companies were sacrificing quality for a marketable image, criticized this "corperitization" of the security guard industry.

     Reconciling solid security services with your built-in costs is crucial. However, we know that more and more companies are considering security as a necessary, built-in cost of doing business.

     We also know that the real strength at Blackstone Security is our employees.

     The caricature of security guards as passive, poorly educated, rent-a-cops no longer applies. Instead, we see the image of a well-trained, disciplined, efficient security professional on a career track. Many hold professional, exam-based certifications, possess advanced degrees, and are required to meet state or local standards. These professionals take their jobs in security seriously enough to compete for assignments.

     This approach is essential when you consider many security guards perform multiple functions, such as doubling as receptionists, hosts or customer service representatives.

     Add to this the responsibilities recent world events have placed in the laps of security guards, who now must be even more precise in their judgment and restraint when dealing with unforeseen situations.

     Our slogan, "The secret to our success is in our people," is more than words designed to get your attention. We are extremely proud of our high quality employees and the content of our training curriculum. We encourage employees to excel and reinforce that behavior with an employee recognition program. Satisfied employees deliver exceptional security service. At Blackstone Security, we go the extra mile for our employees so they go the extra mile for you.

     It is your company, so choose wisely.   Get "The Blackstone Edge."


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